You’ve got mail


It seems that Google is revolutionizing the Net in more than one
way. Recently they announced that they will be offering a free
email service called Gmail. It will offer its users 1GB of memory
space. Now that is a lot of space for anybody to have.

Now an email storage war has begun. MSN, Yahoo and
Askjeeves have
all offered their free subscribers extra memory to make them stay
loyal to their service. Yahoo went from 4 Mb to a 100 MB;
Askjeeves has upgraded to 125 MB and MSN has moved from 2MB to
250 MB!

If you used to worry about your mailbox being overwhelmed with emails,
it is time for you to relax. No more need for you to purchase
extra memory, you have loads of it available for free. You have
tons of space for messages, attachments etc.

I believe that Google’s competitors are afraid that the Big G is
out to snatch away some of there market share. Google’s foray
into email service is unusual and many a person is excited to hop
on board and take advantage of what they have to offer.

Gmail has had some major issues since Google announced its
arrival. Most notably is that they intend to place advertisements
in each email sent. These ads are supposed to be related to the
content of your message. This as lead to squabbles about privacy
and several related issues.

Google has faced some strong opposition to its Gmail service.
Some of the cons of the service are you can’t save a draft of
your messages and the reply button is all the way at the bottom
of the page.

Gmail also lacks a built –in virus scanner although they may add