Cerrudis Barceló

She lived in time when the economic had changed completely and the wages were too small so the women and men held more then one job to provide their lives. Wages were differentiated by race and ethnicity. “Mexicans”, as Spanish-Mexicans women were identified in the national censuses, received lower wages for the same work as “Americans”.

Barceló is the best example of strong and wise woman which could create the new world in Santa Fe by running her own business. She influenced the economy and its better to say she made everyone to fight https://i9bet.trading/for their lives. She was an owner of the gambling house and the saloon that became a busy-social part for all in Santa Fe and for Euro-Americans traders and soldiers. Many men from different parts came to sit at the gambling tables and to participate in gambling games.

Many men tried to write about Barceló’s success and her influence on all society. They criticized her and “embellished images of her with portraits of other woman” (page 39) just to improve that the Santa Fe’s women were the worthless. They gossiped, told scandals but all we know what she was. She was just a business-woman.

Refusing the Favor Moreover, speculators preyed on women and men who could not read or write English and how the Spanish-Mexican women of Santa Fe survived these hardships. It’s good to say that they fight for peace and for the future and they won.

So later in Barceló’s community appeared over four thousand, four hundred new men who were busily engaged in trading and selling. They all owned the principal businesses and threw up new buildings to demonstrate their power. Other new comers never stopped seizing opportunities to control trade and to describe seemingly wanton behavior of Santa Fe’