Summit Matsu Chillers: Green Chillers for an Exciting Green Project

Summit Matsu Chillers has now successfully worked with industry leader Global Fodder Solutions to design and manufacture refrigeration units to support the export of Global Fodder’s Excel Module to one of the most challenging agricultural environments in the world.


Global Fodder Solutions manufactures climate controlled Barley Grass, growing modules inside shipping containers, providing a secure Efficiency Heating
Coolingsource of fodder for live stock in places where traditional grazing lands or fodder production is unreliable. Global Fodder’s Excel Module is a fully self contained machine which operates independently of the external climatic conditions. The strong build allows it to be transported almost anywhere in the world. With 90% of the units currently operating in the Middle East, they are proven to be able to operate reliably with outside temperatures reaching above 50°C and are designed to function in climates reaching down to -25°C. The state of the art heating, cooling and air purification technology, lighting and water management allow trays of fully grown fresh fodder to be produced in a seven day cycle; this continuous cycle provides a constant supply of fresh fodder all year round. With a unique design that allows the units to recycle up to 70% of their daily water usage, the Global Fodder Solutions Excel Modules offer superior fodder solutions for the most challenging of agricultural environments.

The harsh climate of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East presents significant problems for growing food for livestock, including fodder. Whilst vast improvements have been made in

irrigation networks to provide water to the vastly barren deserts of Saudi Arabia, ensuring that livestock have sufficient food remains the task of fodder producers as the area is unable to support the large grazing areas that wetter climates enjoy. The ability of Global Fodder Solutions to provide pesticide and herbicide free natural fodder in dry, hot areas relies heavily on reliable chilling equipment to maintain container temperature at a safe level to inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria which would adversely affect livestock. Through working closely with Global Fodder Solutions, Summit Matsu Chillers was able to design and manufacture refrigeration units to fit within the shipping containers and is the preferred supplier of Global Fodder’s range of chillers for its Excel Modules.

The need for the highest quality, most reliable chillers