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I began teaching the bagpipes in 2002.  I offer private "one on one" Highland Bagpipe lessons, being available to everyone (I will travel to your home anywhere locally),  usually one lesson per week, costing approximately £12 per lesson.  The length of the lesson will vary, from 30 minutes to begin with and going up to 45 minutes, once the pupil is playing a few tunes (all times are approximate.  I will stay as long as I need to for the pupil to benefit to their full potential).

All pupils will need to buy a practise chanter.  This is used to learn the basics before progressing onto the bagpipes.  The chanter is still used throughout a piper's career, being used by all pipers.  The cost of this is approximately £28 (I can arrange to obtain these).

Many of you may be unaware that bagpiping is a specialist art that has become very popular in the last few years. 

Piping and drumming within the Madras College Pipe band is a main part of school life, giving band members the opportunity to travel, at home and abroad.

         Barry providing tuition 

I start teaching pupils right from the beginning, then once they can play half a dozen tunes confidently and from memory, then it is time to look at getting a set of bagpipes.  Madras will help all band members (only applies to those going to Madras School) to obtain a set for their budget (they have there own limited supply that are lent out to pupils who are unable to buy their own).  Any pupils that play with the band will receive Highland dress, reeds, accessories and any help that's needed.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.

Please note there are limited places.



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